Whittington History Society

1891 Census

No Road,Street,House Name Name Relation to Head of Household Marital Status Age Occupation Birthplace
1 Rose Cottage Henry Deakin Head M 28 Market Gardener Staffs Whittington
Harriett Deakin Wife M 26 Staffs Abbots Bromley
Harry Deakin Son 1 Staffs Whittington
Guss Deakin Son 3 months Staffs Whittington
2 Peel Arms' Inn Selina Capon Head W 39 Inn Keeper Hereford Eardisland
Annie E M Capon Daughter 4 Staffs Whittington
Henry C Capon Son 2 Staffs Whittington
Mary Bates Servant S 13 General Servant - Domestic Staffs Whittington
3 Richard Smith Head M 73 Farmer Staffs Whittington
Eliza Smith Wife M 68 Staffs Swinfen
Maude M Deakin Granddaughter 13 General Servant - Domestic Staffs Drakelow
4 John Swift Head M 30 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Whittington
Emma Swift Wife M 28 Oxon Banbury
Maude E Swift Daughter 2 Staffs Whittington
Harry B Swift Son 8 months Staffs Whittington
5 James Bridgen Head M 36 Bricklayer Staffs Whittington
Sarah Bridgen Wife M 33 Bucks Buckingham
Emma Bridgen Daughter 13 Staffs Whittington
James Bridgen Son 12 Errand Boy Staffs Whittington
Sarah Bridgen Daughter 10 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Elizabeth Bridgen Daughter 6 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Lilly Bridgen Daughter 4 Scholar Staffs Whittington
John Bridgen Son 1 Staffs Whittington
6 Snead's Lane Joshua Snead Head M 65 Gardener Staffs Weston
Eliza Snead Wife M 52 Sugar Boiler Staffs Tamworth
7 Snead's Lane Thomas Bates Head M 42 Farmer Staffs Whittington
Esther Bates Wife M 45 Laundress Kent Itcham
Thomas Bates Son 7 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Charles Bates Son 5 Scholar Staffs Whittington
George Davis Lodger S 48 Shoemaker Salop Wellington
8 Snead's Lane Emily Smallman Head Wid 69 Lacemaker Staffs Whittington
9 Snead's Lane Richard Nourse Head M 41 Engineer Fitter Staffs Whittington
Emma Nourse Wife M 38 Staffs Kingsley
John Williamson Stepson S 18 Engineer Fitter Staffs Streethay
Anne Williamson Stepdaughter S 15 Staffs Whittington
Thomas Nourse Son S 13 Staffs Whittington
Gertrude Nourse Daughter 12 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Louisa Nourse Daughter 11 Scholar Staffs Handsacre
Richard Nourse Son 6 Scholar Staffs Handsacre
Percy Nourse Son 5 Scholar Staffs Handsacre
10 The Vicarage William H Kay Head M 45 Vicar of Whittington Yorks Knaresborough
Lavinia Bough Servant S 34 Cook Domestic Servant Worcs Chaddesley
Annie Jarrad Servant S 24 Parlour maid Domestic serv Staffs Coven
11 Whittington House Frances Smith Head Wid 51 Living on own means Derby Trinity Parish
Mary C Smith Daughter S 28 Probationer Deaconess Inst Derbys Milford
Edgar P Smith Son S 26 Derbys Milford
Cecil B Smith Son S 24 Derbys Milford
Francis E Smith Daughter S 21 Derbys Alcaston
Alice L Smith Daughter S 20 Derbys Alcaston
Ernest H Smith Son S 17 Derbys Alcaston
Clara L Smith Sister in Law S 56 London St Pancras
Eliza Booker Servant ? 60 Cook Domestic Servant Hampshire Fareham
Emma Scott Servant S 25 Housemaid Domestic Serv Norfolk Little massingham
Annie J Pratt Servant S 18 Kitchenmaid Domestic Serv Sussex Portfield Chichester
12 Robert Bates Head M 36 Farm Labourer Staffs Whittington
Sarah Bates Wife M 38 Staffs Burton on Trent
George Bates Son 12 Staffs Whittington
Lucy Bates Daughter 10 Staffs Whittington
Arthur Bates Son 7 Scholar Staffs Blithbury
William Bates Son 6 Scholar Staffs Armitage
13 Dog Inn Edward Kelly Head M 56 Licensed Victualler Gloucester Stroud
Emma Kelly Wife M 54 Staffs Lichfield
Maud Taylor Servant S 18 Bar maid Warwick Birmingham
Lily Brett Servant S 19 Domestic Servant Cleaner Staffs Whittington
Charles Finney Servant S 19 Stable man Staffs Hanley
14 Police Station John H Eyre Head M 31 Police Constable Staffs Stoke on Trent
Ann Eyre Wife M 28 Salop Clungunford
John C Eyre Son 1 Staffs Willenhall
15 Moody's Buildings Harriet Moody Head Widow 48 Living on her own means Derbys Edingale
Ferdinand Moody Son S 32 Warehouse Clerk Staffs Whittington
Rebecca Moody Daughter S 17 Dressmaker Staffs Whittington
Mary A Moody Daughter S 14 Staffs Whittington
Richard Moody Son S 12 Scholar Staffs Whittington
William Jones Visitor S 32 Joiner and Cabinet maker Notts Blidworth Dale
16 Moody's Buildings Thomas A Palmer Head M 41 Blacksmith London Victoria
Sarah A Palmer Wife M 37 Staffs Lichfield
George Palmer Son S 16 Blacksmith's Assistant Staffs Hednesford
Flora E Palmer Daughter S 13 Staffs Lichfield
Clara E Palmer Daughter S 12 Staffs Lichfield
Phoebe A Palmer Daughter S 8 Scholar Staffs Lichfield
William Palmer Son S 10 Scholar Staffs Lichfield
Thomas Palmer Son S 5 Scholar Staffs Lichfield
Arthur C Palmer Son S 3 Staffs Lichfield
Charlotte A Palmer Daughter 1 month Staffs Whittington
17 Cheatles Cottages George Bates Head M 73 Pauper Staffs Whittington
Mary Bates Wife M 63 Staffs Lichfield
18 Cheatles Cottages John Topliss Head M 32 Platelayer Staffs Whittington
Emma Topliss Wife M 43 Warwick Lea marston
John T Topliss Son S 3 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Margaret A Topliss Daughter S 1 Staffs Whittington
Frederick N Topliss Son 3 months Staffs Whittington
Henry Clay Stepson S 15 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Whittington
Lucy Clay Stepdaughter S 13 Staffs Whittington
Francis J Clay Stepson S 10 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Arthur Clay Stepson S 8 Scholar Staffs Whittington
19 The Square Henry Townsend Head M 41 Professor of Pianoforte Oxen Oxford
Mary Townsend Wife M 33 Cheshire Chester
20 The Square George Sparkes Head S 60 Living on his own means Staffs Whittington
Caroline Sparkes Sister S 63 Living on her own means Staffs Whittington
21 The Square Henry T James Head M 27 Agricultural labourer Warwick Aston Cantlow
Ellen James Wife M 21 Staffs Whittington
Irene E James Daughter 3 Warwick malcot
Fanny E Nichols Visitor M 22 Staffs Lichfield
James E Nichols Visitor 11 months Worcester Evesham
22 The Square Charles Poynton Head M 54 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Shenstone Woodend
Elizabeth Poynton Wife M 48 Staffs Whittington
Annie E Poynton Daughter S 14 Staffs Whittington
Charles G Poynton Son 8 Staffs Whittington
Alice M Poynton Daughter 6 Staffs Whittington
23 Dyott's Cottages Frederick Kent Head M 42 Gardener Domestic Servant Derbyshire Derby
Sarah Kent Wife M 45 Cheshire Toft
Annie L Kent Daughter S 21 Domestic Servant Lancashire Southport
Frederick Kent Son S 14 Farm boy Derbyshire Derby
John H Kent Son S 11 Scholar Staffs Barton under Needwood
Francis Kent Son S 8 Scholar Derbys Ambaston
Sarah Kent Daughter 6 Scholar Notts Daybrook
24 Dyott's Cottages Charles Elson Head M 26 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Tamhorn Park
Anne Elson Wife M 22 Staffs Lichfield
Mary J Elson Daughter 4 Staffs Whittington
25 Dyott's Cottages Joseph Walker Head M 58 Carpenter Staffs Lichfield
Maria Walker Wife M 44 Suffolk Stretton
Charles Walker Son S 16 Gardener India
Arthur Walker Son S 12 Scholar Staffs Lichfield
26 Dyott's Cottages Robert Deakin Head M 55 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Whittington
Sarah Deakin Wife M 54 Salop Righton
Robert Deakin Son 10 Scholar Staffs Whittington
27 John Wallis Head M 67 Farmer Staffs Wigginton
Sarah Wallis Wife M 57 Staffs Tamhorn
James Wallis Son S 22 Farmer's Son Warwick Amington
Harriet Wallis Granddaughter 12 Staffs Botany Bay Freeford
28 George Deakin Head Widower 42 Agricultural Labourer Warwick Birmingham
Fanny Deakin Daughter 11 Staffs Whittington
George Deakin Son 8 Scholar Staffs Whittington
29 Harry Harsent Head M 39 Agricultural Labourer Suffolk Bedingham
Sarah Harsent Wife M 40 Staffs Hamstall Ridware
Lizzie Harsent Daughter 14 Staffs Shenstone
George Harsent Son 11 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Ellen Harsent Daughter 5 Scholar Staffs Whittington
30 John Wallis Head M 34 Agricultural Labourer Warwick Shuttington
Mary E Wallis Wife M 40 Worcester Hunt End
Thomas Wallis Son 10 Scholar Staffs Weeford
John J Wallis Son 7 Scholar Staffs Lichfield
Sarah A Wallis Daughter 6 Scholar Staffs Lichfield
Beatrice Wallis Daughter 3 months Staffs Whittington
31 Frederick Frelteg Head M 50 Soldier Bandsman Germany British Subject
Elizabeth Frelteg Wife M 53 Staffs Wetwood
Isaac Page Lodger S 20 Groom Leicestershire Colesbach
32 Church House Charles G Heathcote Head M 54 Colonel commanding Regt: distr middlesex London
Ellen G Heathcote Wife M 35 West Indies Trinidad
Sybil G Heathcote Daughter 8 Raanathur East Indies
Louisa Heathcote Sister in Law Wid 40 Dumpore East Indies
Annie Heathcote Niece 7 moran East Indies
Mary E Pass Servant S 24 House Palour maid Lincoln Beckingham
Emily Mottram Servant S 24 Cook Staffs Abbots Bromley
Mary A Gimbert Servant S 23 Children's maid Staffs Stone
33 John Britt Head M 48 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Whittington
Charlotte Britt Wife M 48 Staffs Whittington
Thomas J Britt Son S 13 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Mary J Ryan Daughter M 23 Staffs Whittington
Ann Britt Daughter S 15 Staffs Whittington
Charlotte Britt Daughter 10 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Frances Britt Daughter 8 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Edith A Britt Daughter 5 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Frank Ryan Grandson 3 Staffs Lichfield
Charlotte Ryan Granddaughter 2 Devon Devonport
Annie Drew Visitor S 18 Button Polisher Warwick Birmingham
34 James Britt Head M 35 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Whittington
Mary J Britt Wife M 21 Staffs Whittington
James Britt Son 1 month Staffs Whittington
35 Church Farm Thomas Pratt Head M 36 Farmer Derbyshire Cauldwell
Mary Pratt Wife M 36 Warwick Offchurch
Catherine Norwood Sister in law S 21 Warwick Offchurch
Emma Haywood Servant S 19 General Servant - Domestic Derbyshire Chilcote
Edward Williams Servant S 19 Farm Domestic Servant Staffs Whittington
Ellen Pratt Sister S 24 Derbyshire Cauldwell
36 Boat House Thomas Pitcher Head M 50 Farmer Worcester Birlingham
Ester Pitcher Wife M 50 Worcester Hagley
Thomas G Pitcher Son S 21 Farmer's Son Leicester Stathern
37 Daniel Smith Head Wid 75 Retired Farmer Staffs Whittington
DanielWatson Lodger M 47 Gardener Suffolk n k
Lena Watson Lodger's Wife M 45 Suffolk n k
38 Lichfield Road George Banton Head M 46 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Lichfield
Eliza Banton Wife M 37 Cheshire Winsaford
Valentine Banton Son S 14 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Brownhills
Sarah Banton Daughter 8 Scholar Staffs Darnford
39 Lichfield road Thomas Walton Head M 30 Private Soldier 98th Regt: Staffs Leek
Mary Walton Wife M 26 Staffs Elswood
40 Lichfield Road Sarah Smith Head Wid 67 Living on her own means Derbyshire Lullington
41 Lewis House George Norman Head M 55 Labourer in a brewery Kent Hadlow
Eliza Norman Wife M 40 Staffs Wolstanton
Annie J Norman Daughter S 19 Dressmaker Ireland
George Norman Son S 13 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Lichfield
Richard Norman Son 9 Scholar Staffs Lichfield
Eliza Norman Daughter 6 Scholar Staffs Lichfield
Millie Norman Daughter 5 Scholar Staffs Lichfield
James Waters Boarder S 50 Clerk in Army Pension Office Lancashire manchester
42 Whittington Hill House Edward Merrifield Head M 52 Retired Cotton Merchant Sussex mainfleet
Isabella Merrifield Wife M 45 Scotland
Mary McClymont Niece 8 Scholar Scotland
Frances Crossman Governess S 19 Governess Sussex Butlington
Elizabeth Butcher Servant S 30 Servant Domestic Wilts
43 Whittington Hill Lodge John Miles Head M 30 Gardener Domestic Servant Staffs Clifton Campville
Annie Miles Wife M 24 Oxford Bloxham
Alice M Miles Daughter 2 Warwick Amington
Edith J Miles Daughter 7 months Staffs Whittington
44 Marsh Farm Mary A Nevill Head Wid 73 Farmer Devon Exeter
Richard F Nevill Son M 30 Farmer's Son Staffs Whittington
Louisa Nevill Son's Wife M 30 Staffs Lichfield
Frances Nevill Granddaughter 11 months Staffs Whittington
George Acton Servant 18 Farm Servant Domestic Staffs Lichfield
Ada Williams Servant 14 General Servant - Domestic Staffs Lichfield
45 The Marsh William Finney Head M 50 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Canwell
Leah Finney Wife M 50 Warwick Dordon
William Finney Son 10 Scholar Staffs Hanley
Annie Finney Daughter 4 Staffs Hanley
46 The Marsh Francis Mourton Head M 43 Gardener Gloucester Leckhampton
Elizabeth Mourton Wife M 40 Gloucester Leckhampton
Rachel Mourton Daughter 12 Gloucester Leckhampton
Richard Mourton Son 10 Gloucester Leckhampton
Francis Mourton Son 9 Gloucester Leckhampton
May Mourton Daughter 7 Gloucester Cheltenham
Charles Mourton Son 5 Gloucester Cheltenham
Robert Mourton Son 4 Gloucester Cheltenham
William Mourton Son 2 Gloucester Cheltenham
47 The Nursery Martin Ricketts Head S 24 Market Gardener Fruit Grower Gloucester Cheltenham
Joseph Wallis Servant M 27 Gardeners Waggoner Warwick Amington
Isabella Wallis Servant's Wife M 28 Staffs Fradley
James Wallis Servant's Son 2 Staffs Whittington
John Wallis Servant's Son 10 months Staffs Whittington
48 Nursery Lodge Joseph T Harris Head M 30 Gardener Gloucester Cheltenham
Emily J Harris Wife M 33 Gloucester Cheltenham
Alice E Harris Daughter 12 Gloucester Leckhampton
Albert Harris Son 11 Gloucester Leckhampton
Charles E Harris Son 9 Scholar Gloucester Leckhampton
Beatrice M Harris Daughter 8 Scholar Gloucester Leckhampton
Frederick Harris Son 6 Scholar Gloucester Leckhampton
William J Harris Son 3 Gloucester Cheltenham
Henry Harris Son 1 Staffs Whittington
49 Grand Stand Emily Greening Head S 42 matron Soldiers House Dorset West Stafford
Ellen Watts Servant S 18 General Servant Gloucester Berkeley
50 Heath Cottages Charles Martin Head M 30 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Hedgal
Emma Martin Wife M 38 Staffs Lichfield
Charles Martin Son 7 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Edith Martin Daughter 5 Staffs Whittington
Thomas Martin Son 3 Staffs Whittington
William Martin Son 1 Staffs Whittington
(Unnamed) Martin Son 1 month Staffs Whittington
51 Heath Cottages Abraham Martin Head M 59 Woodman Staffs Curborough
Jane Martin Wife M 58 Staffs Whittington
William Martin Son S 21 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Whittington
52 Heath Cottages Richard Hughes Head M 40 Agricultural Labourer Salop Forest Culmington
Jane Hughes Wife M 38 Salop moore Wood
James Hughes Son 13 Scholar Salop Roughton
53 Thimble Hall George Wilkinson Head M 37 Agricultural Labourer Salop Newport
Selina Wilkinson Wife M 38 Warwick Birmingham
Robert Wilkinson Son 7 months Staffs Whittington
William Owen Step son 13 Agricultural Labourer Warwick Birmingham
Henry Owen Step son 12 Scholar Warwick Birmingham
Emma Owen Step daughter 10 Scholar Warwick Birmingham
John Owen Step son 7 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Mary Owen Step daughter 6 Staffs Whittington
54 Brewery Farm Edward Smith Head M 57 Shepherd Staffs Whittington
Ann Smith Wife M 58 Staffs Fradley
Robert Smith Son S 38 Market Gardener Staffs Whittington
William Smith Son S 35 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Whittington
John Smith Son S 22 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Whittington
Charles Smith Son 14 Farm Servant Staffs Whittington
55 School House George Biggs Head S 28 Certificated Teacher Warwick Foleshill
56 School House Hannah Robinson Head S 23 Certificated Schoolmistress Staffs Rolleston
57 Police Station Samuel Templeton Head M 36 Sergeant of Polce Ireland
Jane Templeton Wife M 30 Staffs Stafford
Francis T Templeton Son 5 Staffs Stafford
Samuel E Templeton Son 3 Staffs Stafford
Harriet E Templeton Daughter 1 Staffs Stafford
58 George Pearson Head S 29 Police Constable Staffs West Bromwich
59 Woodbine Cottage Albert Handoll Head M 36 Butler Domestic Servant Somerset Creech Taunton
Sarah Handoll Wife M 40 Lincoln Crowland
Archer Handoll Son 8 Scholar Rutland Luffenham
Ernest Handoll Son 7 Scholar Notts Averham
60 John Lees Head M 46 Shoemaker Warwick Cliffe
Rose M Lees Wife M 26 Staffs Rugeley
Alma J Middleton Boarder M 30 Saddler Staffs Little Haywood
61 Thomas Langton Head M 39 Wheelwright Staffs Whittington
Ellen Langton Wife M 30 Warwick Birmingham
Harry Langton Son 4 Staffs Whittington
? Langton Daughter 1 Staffs Whittington
62 John Wilson Head M 58 Gardener Staffs Elford
Alice Wilson Wife M 54 Staffs Curborough
Henry Wilson Son S 18 Grocer's Assistant Staffs Whittington
Joseph Wilson Son S 12 Staffs Whittington
63 Richard Windridge Head M 50 Blacksmith Staffs Comberford
Matilda Windridge Wife M 42 Staffs Whittington
Alfred Windridge Son S 15 Blacksmith Staffs Whittington
Frances Windridge Daughter 12 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Alice Windridge Daughter 9 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Sarah A Windridge Granddaughter 6 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Thomas Windridge Son 5 Scholar Staffs Whittington
64 Post Office John Elson Head Wid 80 Postmaster and Tailor Staffs Whittington
George W Elson Son M 40 Tailor Staffs Whittington
Mary A Elson Daughter in Law M 38 Telegraphist Staffs Hartshill
Walter J Elson Grandson 10 Scholar Staffs Hartshill
65 Victoria Place Charles Deakin Head M 60 Market Gardener Staffs Lichfield
Emma Deakin Wife M 54 Staffs Lichfield
William Deakin Son S 26 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Lichfield
Arthur Deakin Son S 24 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Lichfield
Charles Deakin Son S 23 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Lichfield
Fanny Deakin Daughter S 18 Staffs Lichfield
Mary Deakin Daughter S 16 Staffs Lichfield
66 Blacksmith's Lane Edward Deakin Head S 42 General Labourer Staffs Whittington
67 Blacksmith's Lane John Neale Head M 24 General Labourer Staffs Whittington
Emma Neale Wife M 28 Staffs Lichfield
68 Blacksmith's Lane Henry Walker Head S 37 Farm Labourer Staffs Wolverhampton
Sarah Taylor Daughter 5 Scholar Staffs Whittington
May E Taylor Adopted Daughter 7 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Mary A Taylor Housekeeper S 27 Staffs Whittington
69 Blacksmith's Lane John Lockey Head M 57 Trap Proprietor and Waiter Northumberland Cornhill
Eleanor Lockey Wife M 44 Lancashire Liverpool
Eleanor J Lockey Daughter 14 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Margaret Lockey Daughter 10 Scholar Staffs Whittington
John Lockey Son 7 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Thomas G Lockey Son 6 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Charles Lockey Son 3 Staffs Whittington
70 Blacksmith's Lane John Heathcote Head M 67 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Yoxall
Louisa Heathcote Wife M 65 Staffs Uttoxeter
Herbert G Heathcote Grandson 8 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Eunice B Heathcote Granddaughter 6 months Staffs Whittington
71 Blacksmith's Lane John Heathcote Head M 37 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Hamstall
Jane Heathcote Wife M 28 Staffs Norton Bridge
William Heathcote Son 9 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Thomas H Heathcote Son 5 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Ellen Heathcote Daughter 1 Staffs Whittington
Elizabeth Williams Sister-in-law S 20 Staffs Whittington
72 Blacksmith's Lane John Bridgen Head M 48 Malster Staffs Whittington
Elizabeth Bridgen Wife M 53 Warwick Birmingham
Ethel J Bridgen Daughter S 17 Staffs Whittington
Frederick S Bridgen Son 14 Gardener's Boy Staffs Whittington
Edith G Bridgen Daughter 11 Scholar Staffs Whittington
73 Blacksmith's Lane Thomas Gaskin Head M 65 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Lane End
Mary Gaskin Wife M 60 Staffs Bone Hill
James Gaskin Son S 29 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Shenstone
74 Blacksmith's Lane Thomas Deakin Head M 45 Platelayer on Railway Staffs Whittington
Alice E Deakin Wife M 47 London Bloomsbury
F Thomas Deakin Son S 15 Agricultural Servant Staffs Whittington
S Ann Deakin Daughter 13 Staffs Whittington
A Emily Deakin Daughter 7 Staffs Whittington
Avice Deakin Daughter 11 Staffs Whittington
75 Blacksmith's Lane William Hewkin Head M 57 Plasterer Staffs Hopwas
Sarah Hewkin Wife M 37 Warwick Polesworth
William H Hewkin Son 15 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Lichfield
Joseph Hewkin Son 11 Scholar Staffs Lichfield
Caspar C Hewkin Son 5 Staffs Lichfield
Alfred E Hewkin Son 2 Staffs Lichfield
76 Arnolds Yard Robert Bailey Head Widower 32 Agricultural Labourer Staffs Whittington
Thomas Bailey Son 13 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Charles Bailey Son 10 Scholar Staffs Fisherwick
Robert Bailey Son 7 Staffs Hademore
77 Arnolds Yard Thomas Payne Head M 52 Farm Labourer Staffs Whittington
Clara Payne Wife M 55 Warwick Birmingham
Thomas Payne Son S 27 Bricklayers Labourer Staffs Whittington
Sarah A Payne Daughter S 14 Staffs Whittington
Fanny Payne Daughter 11 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Jane Payne Grand- Daughter 3 Staffs Whittington
78 Arnolds Yard Amos Swift Head M 55 Agricultural Labourer Warwick Tamworth
Emma Swift Wife M 54 Staffs Wychnor
Emily Swift Daughter S 17 Staffs Whittington
79 Arnolds Yard John Richards Head M 66 Farm Labourer Derbyshire Edingale
Elizabeth Richards Wife M 73 Warwick Whitacre
80 Arnolds Yard Joseph Holliday Head S 55 Bricklayer Staffs Whittington
Edwin Neal Holliday Son S 17 Farm Labourer Staffs Whittington
81 Arnolds Yard Abraham Arnold Head M 37 Baker Staffs Whittington
Emily Arnold Wife M 40 Staffs Shenstone
Eliza Sturgess Mother in Law Widow 68 Living on her own means Leicester Stoke Golding
John Whitehouse Son S 46 Groom Domestic Servant Staffs Hednesford
82 Arnolds Yard Mary E Bridgen Head Widow 71 Living on her own means Staffs Whittington
83 Arnolds Yard Charles H Sandmann Head M 30 1st Class Armorer Sergt Corps of Armorers S Middlesex London
Les F Sandmann Son 6 Scholar India
Ada Burton Servant Widow 23 Housekeeper Leicester Leicester
James Burton Son 6 Scholar Leicester Leicester
84 Arnolds Yard Thomas Donnellan Head M 44 Gardener Ireland
Alice E Donnellan Wife M 41 Staffs Whittington
James F Donnellan Son 12 Scholar Staffs Whittington
George J Donnellan Son 15 Errand Boy Staffs Whittington
John G Donnellan Son 8 Scholar Staffs Whittington
William E Donnellan Son 5 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Thomas Donnellan Son 2 Staffs Whittington
85 Bell Inn Hennis A Pass Head M 31 Inn Keeper & farmer Staffs Rugely
Isabella Pass Wife M 35 Staffs Cheddleton
Cicely Pass Daughter 5 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Jane Pass Mother Widow 78 Living on her own means Staffs Newbury
Hannah Britt Servant S 16 General Servant Staffs Whittington
Harry Bellinger Servant S 18 Groom Staffs Whittington
86 John Neville Head M 76 General Laborer Staffs Whittington
Mary Neville Wife M 75 Staffs Whittington
87 The Nook Herbert Langton Head S 26 Wheelwright, Carpenter, Undertaker Staffs Whittington
Elizabeth Langton Mother M 69 Derby Hilton
Florence M Langton Niece 7 Staffs Whittington
88 The Nook John Bird Head M 53 In receipt of Parish pay Staffs Whittington
Elizabeth Bird Wife M 48 Staffs Burntwood
Bertha E Bird Grand-daughter 3 months Staffs Whittington
89 The Nook Edward Davis Head M 78 General Laborer Staffs Whittington
Susannah Davis Wife 68 Staffs Whittington
William Silvester Boarder S 32 General Laborer Staffs Ellenhall
Francis Homer Boarder S 56 General Laborer Staffs Brierley Hill
John Carthy Boarder S 50 General Laborer Ireland
90 The Nook Joseph Neville Head Widower 74 Agricultural Laborer Staffs Whittington
Frank E Neville Grandson S 21 General Laborer Staffs Whittington
91 The Nook William H Ballinger Head Widower 42 Blacksmith Staffs Fazely
Charlotte Ballinger Daughter 13 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Esther Ballinger Daughter 11 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Ann Ballinger Daughter 9 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Mary Ballinger Mother Widow 68 Staffs Fradley
92 The Nook Joseph Elson Head M 53 Tailor etc Musician Warwick Birmingham
Ellen Elson Wife M 48 Dressmaker Staffs Whittington
Frances Elson Daughter S 20 Housemaid Staffs Whittington
Joseph Elson Son 13 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Mary Elson Daughter 10 Scholar Staffs Whittington
93 Bridgen's Row Richard Payne Head Widower 58 Platelayer Staffs Whittington
Elizabeth Payne Daughter 15 Staffs Whittington
Agnes Payne Daughter 11 Scholar Staffs Whittington
94 Bridgen's Row Louisa Selby Head Widow 46 Charwoman Staffs Weeford
George Turner Son S 17 Agricultural Worker Staffs Great Haywood
Amos Selby Son 4 Staffs Whittington
Charles Thompson Son-in-Law M 26 Railway Laborer Leicester Hatherley
Hannah Thompson Daughter M 19 Staffs Whittington
95 Bridgen's Row William Elson Head M 40 Agricultural Laborer Staffs Whittington
Phoebe Elson Wife M 37 Staffs Walsall
Thomas Elson Son 14 Plough Boy Staffs Whittington
William Elson Son 10 Plough Boy Staffs Whittington
Samuel Elson Son 6 Scholar Staffs Whittington
96 Bridgen's Row Thomas Topliss Head S 39 Agricultural Laborer Staffs Whittington
97 Bridgen's Row Catherine Hardman Head Widow 78 Living on her own means Staffs Whittington
William Phillips Grandson 12 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Thomas Wright Lodger S 25 Bricklayers Laborer Staffs Lichfield
William Hardy Lodger S 19 Baker Staffs Lichfield
98 Bridgen's Row William F Greenwood Head M 29 Painter & Shopkeeper Staffs Lichfield
Mary E Greenwood Wife M 27 Staffs Lichfield
99 Bridgen's Row Daniel Neville Head M 50 Grocer & Baker Staffs Whittington
Charlotte Neville Wife M 46 Staffs Crateford
Amy E Neville Daughter 10 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Robert C Neville Son 8 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Mary Dean Aunt S 74 Retired Laundress Staffs Wombourne
100 Neville's Yard George Sharman Head Widower 43 Agricultural Laborer Warwick Shotteswell
Edith Sharman Daughter 13 Staffs Whittington
George Sharman Son 11 Staffs Whittington
Mary Sharman Daughter 17 Scholar Staffs Whittington
101 Neville's Yard George Wilson Head M 29 Bricklayer Staffs Hopton Pools
Emma Wilson Wife M 45 Staffs Whittington
102 The Green Joseph Bridgen Head M 55 Carpenter & Joiner Staffs Whittington
Eliza Bridgen Wife M 53 Staffs Syerscote
Ann Bridgen Daughter S 27 Dressmaker Staffs Edingale
Alice Bridgen Daughter S 22 Dressmaker Staffs Haunton
James G Bridgen Son S 20 Carpenter & Joiners Apprentice Staffs Haunton
103 The Green William H Wallis Head M 27 Domestic Servant & Gardener Staffs Whittington
Sophia Wallis Wife M 28 Staffs Wolverhampton
Elizabeth S Wallis Daughter 5 Staffs Whittington
William H Wallis Son 3 Staffs Whittington
Emily Wallis Daughter 2 Staffs Whittington
104 The Green John Woods Head M 42 Agricultural Laborer Wilts Tisbury
Lucy Woods Wife M 40 Essex Colchester
105 The Green William Wooding Head M 47 Bricklayer Staffs Armitage
William B Wooding Son S 17 Bricklayer Staffs Cannock
106 The Green William Bridgen Head M 60 Bricklayer Staffs Whittington
Ellen Bridgen Wife M 65 Staffs Whittington
Edward Bridgen Son S 34 Carpenter Staffs Whittington
Adrian Bridgen Son S 26 General Laborer Staffs Whittington
107 The Green Edward Pass Head M 49 Bricklayer Staffs Whittington
Annie Pass Wife M 50 Staffs Whittington
Sarah A Pass Daughter S 8 Staffs Whittington
108 The Green Charles Sturgess Head M 44 Farmer Staffs Little Hay
Caroline Sturgess Wife M 49 Staffs Clifton
William J Maskerry Step-Son 15 Farmers Son Warwick Birmingham
Elizabeth A Maskerry Step-Daughter 13 Scholar Warwick Birmingham
John P Sturgess Son 11 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Emily G Sturgess Daughter 6 Scholar Staffs Whittington
John H E Mottram Boarder M 40 Army Contractor's Foreman Derby Derby
Edward G Jackson Boarder S 19 Carpenter Northampton Northampton
109 The Green Francis A Smith Head M 49 Farmer Staffs Whittington
Ann Smith Wife M 64 Leicester Melton Mowbray
110 The Green Mary Hawkins Head Widow 70 Living on her own means Leicester Leicester
111 The Green Thomas Clarke Head M 54 Agricultural Laborer Staffs Whittington
Harriet Clarke Wife M 56 Staffs Whittington
John Clarke Son 13 Scholar Staffs Whittington
112 The Green Elizabeth Bridgen Head Widow 77 Living on her own means Staffs Whittington
John Smith Brother S 79 General Laborer Staffs Whittington
113 The Green John Holliday Head M 57 Agricultural Laborer Staffs Whittington
Sarah Holliday Wife M 55 Staffs Whittington
Alice Holliday Daughter S 16 Staffs Whittington
114 The Green George J Neale Head M 58 Gardener Staffs Whittington
Sarah Neale Wife M 49 Staffs Burton on Trent
Arthur Neale Son 13 Gardener's Assistant Staffs Whittington
Alice Neale Daughter 11 Staffs Whittington
George H Neale Son 5 Staffs Whittington
Eliza Neale Mother Widow 80 Staffs Abbots Bromley
115 The Green Joseph Phillips Head M 43 Butcher Staffs Whittington
Elizabeth A Phillips Wife M 42 Staffs Lichfield
Florence C Phillips Daughter 14 Housemaid Domestic Staffs Whittington
Joseph C Phillips Son 13 Staffs Whittington
Bertha Phillips Daughter 9 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Harry Phillips Son 7 Scholar Staffs Whittington
116 The Green George Bates Head M 48 Agricultural Laborer Staffs Whittington
Elizabeth Bates Wife M 48 Staffs Whittington
Caroline Baker Daughter M 20 Staffs Whittington
Robert Bates Son S 14 Agricultural Worker Staffs Whittington
Thomas Bates Son 12 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Emma Bates Daughter 8 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Elizabeth Bates Grand-Daughter 3 Staffs Whittington
117 The Green Thomas Allport Head M 49 Agricultural Laborer Staffs Whittington
Helen Allport Wife M 48 Staffs Whittington
Alice Allport Daughter 13 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Florence Allport Daughter 7 Scholar Staffs Whittington
118 The Green John Oxenbold Head M 62 Farm Laborer Staffs Whittington
Mary Oxenbold Wife M 64 Staffs Whittington
Thomas Oxenbold Son S 18 Bricklayers Laborer Staffs Whittington
119 Hill-Fields Thomas Smith Head M 58 Farmer Staffs Whittington
Maria Smith Wife M 59 Staffs Whittington
Emily J Smith Daughter S 38 Waitress Domestic Servant Staffs Whittington
Mary Smith Daughter S 25 Staffs Whittington
Jessie Smith Daughter S 17 Staffs Whittington
120 Hill-Fields James Powell Head Widower 77 Living on his own means Salop Stanton
121 Hill-Fields John Pott Head M 33 Agricultural Laborer Staffs Stapenhill
Emily Pott Wife M 31 Staffs Lichfield
John E Pott Son 4 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Emily P Pott Daughter 1 Staffs Streethay
122 Hill-Fields Mary Belfield Head Widow 76 In receipt of Parish relief Staffs Whittington
William Belfield Son M 39 General Laborer Staffs Whittington
123 Bevin's Row Bridget Doran Head Widow 53 Retired Launderess Ireland
Christine E Doran Daughter S 18 Seampstress E.Indies
Florence Doran Daughter S 16 Seampstress Hants Portsmouth
124 Bevin's Row William Fairbanks Head M 43 Boot Maker Staffs Stafford
Emile Fairbanks Wife M 44 Staffs Stafford
Henry Fairbanks Son S 19 Bandsman Depot N Staffs Regiment Staffs Stafford
John Fairbanks Son S 16 Bandsman Depot N Staffs Regiment Staffs Stafford
Arthur Fairbanks Son S 15 Bandsman Depot N Staffs Regiment Staffs Stafford
Robert Fairbanks Son 10 Scholar Staffs Stafford
Thomas Fairbanks Son 7 Scholar Staffs Stafford
125 Bevin's Row William Riley Head M 28 Lance Corp North Staff Regt Lancashire Warrington
Jessie Riley Wife M 23 Devon Devonport
126 4 Rock Road Thomas Elson Head M 43 Agricultural Laborer Staffs Fisherwick
Alice Elson Wife M 42 Farm Servant Staffs Elmhurst
127 3 Rock Road Joseph Proffett Head M 66 Farm Laborer Staffs Whittington
Penelope Proffett Wife M 65 Staffs Swinfin
Elizabeth Hunt Grand-Daughter 6 Staffs Whittington
Lucy Butler Grand-Daughter 3 Staffs Swinfin
128 2 Rock Road Emily E Hine Head Widow 41 Needlewoman India
Ernest D Hine Son S 14 Farmer's Boy Ireland Tralee
Frank H Sawyer Boarder M 28 Private Soldier Durham Light Infantry America(Nat Brit Subj)
Mary A Sawyer Boarder M 29 Seamstress Durham Lanchester
129 1 Rock Road John Boughey Head M 27 Corporal Soldier 1st S.Staff Regiment Salop Wellington
Elizabeth A Boughey Wife M 28 Salop Wellington
Lucy H Boughey Daughter 2 Salop Wellington
Elonor I Boughey Daughter 2 months Staffs Whittington
130 Sturgess Row Arthur Warrender Head M 36 Painter Glazier Staffs Blymhill Lawn
Eleanor Warrender Wife M 26 Warwick Birmingham
Harry Warrender Son 8 Staffs Blymhill Lawn
Agnes E Warrender Daughter 6 Staffs Wolverhampton
Nellie M Warrender Daughter 4 Staffs Wolverhampton
131 Sturgess Row Elizabeth Smith Head Widow 74 In receipt of Parish pay Staffs Whittington
Thomas Smith Son S 42 Carpenter Staffs Whittington
Ada Donnellan Grand-Daughter 13 Staffs Whittington
132 Sturgess Row George Hood Head M 37 Carpenter Staffs Whittington
Rosetta Hood Wife M 39 Leicester Hungarton
Alice J Hood Daughter 11 Scholar Staffs Whittington
George H Hood Son 7 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Fanny Hood Mother Widow 78 Staffs Whittington
133 Sturgess Row Henry Berks Head M 57 Baker Staffs Hanley
Mary Berks Wife M 45 Warwick Willey
John C Berks Son 16 Baker's Assistant Staffs Edial
Mary A E Berks Daughter 15 Staffs Edial
Henry W Berks Son 14 Scholar Staffs Edial
George E Berks Son 13 Baker's Assistant Staffs Edial
Maud H Berks Daughter 11 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Ada Wheldon Neice 4 Staffs Hanley
134 Sturgess Row Ann Elson Head Widow 67 Seamstress Staffs Whittington
Ann Elson Grand-Daughter 11 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Sarah Heathcote Visitor 2 Staffs Whittington
135 Sturgess Row George Bridgen Head Widower 74 Bricklayer Staffs Whittington
Thomas Marwick Son in Law M 31 Corporal S.Staffs Regiment Sussex Lewis
Mary Marwick Sister-in-law M 19 Staffs Pattingham
136 Sturgess Row George Illing Head M 54 General Laborer Bucks Stoney-Stratford
Mary Illing Wife M 44 Shirt Maker Ireland
Martha Illing Daughter S 14 Domestic Servant Hants Portsmouth
Lawrence Illing Son 12 Farm Laborer Channel Isles Jersey
John Illing Son 10 Scholar Ireland
137 Sturgess Row Catherine Petty Head Widow 57 Farmer Stafford Freeford
Emily K Lawrence Neice S 26 Stafford Weeford
Sarah E Clewes Servant S 17 Stafford Brownhills
138 The Rock Thomas Allsop Head M 64 Farmer Staffs Streethay
Joanna Allsop Wife M 59 Staffs Longdon
Sarah C Allsop Daughter S 17 General Servant Staffs Whittington
Catherine Williams Border M 23 Dressmaker Ireland
139 The Rock Martha Graham Head M 40 Washing etc Leicester Husbands Bosworth
Rowland Graham Son 12 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Robert Graham Son 10 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Clarence A Graham Son 8 Scholar Staffs Whittington
140 The Rock Thomas Lilley Head M 36 Barber Warwick Birmingham
Lucy Lilley Wife M 23 Staffs Hints
William Acton Lodger M 34 Private Soldier S.Staffs Regiment Derby Derby
Matilda Acton Lodger M 35 Derby Derby
George Acton Lodger M 42 General Laborer Derby Derby
141 Noridon Catherine Eade Wife M 42 Essex Barking
Rosetta Sullivan Daughter S 22 Nurse Maid Ireland
Joseph Sullivan Son 12 Scholar Gloucester Gloucester
Alfred Eade Son 4 Staffs Whittington
William Eade Son 2 Staffs Whittington
Charles Eade Son 1 Staffs Whittington
142 Noridon Thomas Bridgen Head M 31 Bricklayer Staffs Whittington
Sarah Bridgen Wife M 30 Staffs Lichfield
Alice Bridgen Daughter 5 Staffs Whittington
Lizzy Bridgen Daughter 2 Staffs Whittington
Arthur I Bridgen Son 1 Staffs Whittington
Flora Bridgen Daughter 5 months Staffs Whittington
143 Noridon William Chapman Head M 27 Brickyard Laborer Staffs Whittington
Harriet Chapman Wife M 24 Staffs Whittington
Ellen Chapman Daughter 6 Staffs Whittington
William Chapman Son 3 Staffs Whittington
Arthur Chapman Son 9 months Staffs Whittington
144 Swan Inn Thomas Smith Head Widower 65 Inn Keeper Staffs Whittington
Alice Smith Daughter S 17 Staffs Whittington
Ada Smith Daughter 13 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Rose Smith Daughter 10 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Charlotte Lawdor Manageress Widow 47 Manageress-Inn Middlesex London
Alice Broom Servant S 14 Servant - General Staffs Whittington
Thomas Burns Boarder Widower 67 Butcher Norfolk Great Yarmouth
145 George Ramsell Head M 39 Agricultural Laborer Staffs Whittington
Sarah Ramsell Wife M 40 Staffs Whittington
Elizabeth Ramsell Mother Widow 76 Staffs Bonehill
John Wooley Nephew 11 Scholar Staffs Whittington
146 Joseph Britt Head M 77 Agricultural Laborer Staffs Whittington
Jane Britt Wife M 74 Leicester Netherseal
William Britt Son S 27 Agricultural Laborer Staffs Whittington
147 Mary Drury Wife M 27 Ireland
Thomas Drury Head M 29 Fish Dealer Staffs Wolverhampton
Charlie Drury Son 7 Ireland
Christy Drury Son 4 Staffs Darnford
Esther Drury Daughter Under 1 month Staffs Whittington
Mary Anderson Mother Widow 47 Ireland
William Anderson Brother S 14 Ireland
Sarah Bearne Visitor 7 Staffs Whittington
148 Bridge Cottages John G Wood Head M 44 Shepheard Staffs Whittington
Sarah Wood Wife M 44 Staffs Whittington
149 Bridge Cottages Robert H Smith Head M 36 Plumber Warwick Birmingham
Emily Smith Wife M 26 Staffs Whittington
Florence Smith Daughter 6 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Walter B Smith Son 5 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Ruby M Smith Daughter 1 Staffs Whittington
150 Trace Hayes Daniel Bird Head M 36 Farmer Staffs Longdon
Harriet Bird Wife M 38 Staffs Butterton
Winifred Bird Daughter 14 Staffs Longdon
John H H Bird Son 7 Scholar Staffs Longdon
151 Trace Hayes Francis Neville Head Widower 69 Farmer Derby Newhall
Frank Neville Son S 32 Farmers Son Warwick Birmingham
Louisa Neville Daughter S 28 Warwick Birmingham
Elizabeth Twigger Servant Widow 45 Staffs Marson
152 The Rival (on canal below bridge) Joseph Shiers Master M 26 Boatman Warwick Bedworth
James Barlow Boatman S 20 Boatman Warwick Bedworth
1 Tamworth Road Charles Topliss Head M 46 Wheelwright Staffs Whittington
Elizabeth Topliss Wife M 49 Staffs Kings Bromley
Alfred Topliss Son S 20 Wheelwright Staffs Whittington
Alice Topliss Daughter S 16 Staffs Whittington
Agnes Topliss Daughter S 14 Staffs Whittington
2 Tamworth Road William Wilson Head M 32 Wheelwright Staffs Whittington
Lucy Wilson Wife M 37 Staffs Whittington
William A Wilson Son 8 Scholar Staffs Whittington
John H Wilson Son 6 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Alice M Wilson Daughter 3 Staffs Whittington
Helen A Wilson Daughter 6 months Staffs Whittington
3 Tamworth Road David Topliss Head M 38 Wheelwright Staffs Whittington
Mary A Topliss Wife M 39 Staffs Stafford
Eliza J Topliss Daughter 8 Scholar Staffs Whittington
Charles Topliss Son 3 Staffs Whittington
Alfred Topliss Son 1 Staffs Whittington
Thomas Deakin Nephew S 16 Agricultural Labourer Derby Drakelow
4 Tamworth Road Francis C Buckley Head M 36 Warrant Officer (Srgt Maj) Infantry London Marylebone
Holly Bank Amy Buckley Wife M 27 Gibraltar (British Subject)
Ivey C C Buckley Daughter 4 months Staffs Whittington

The 1891 Census was recorded on the night of Sunday 5th April 1891.

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