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Memories of Boot Farm and Court Farm by Doreen Boston (nee Hood)


Letter sent to Whittington History Society 21st January 2009













Lucy Boston




 Charlie Boston Senior




Doreen Boston (nee Hood)





Charles William Boston
















Well, that is life on Boston’s farming from my point of view.  I have digressed at times and no doubt the other Boston family (Court Farm) will have different views on things.  I hope I haven’t said anything to upset them.


My daughter, Linda, and her family, as you will know, live at Boot Farm and it is now very different from when Charlie’s family lived there.  She has retained the character of the house, with the beams and furniture, etc, but it is now much cosier with an Aga and central heating.  It has also been extended and a double garage built.  If only the old people could see it (or can they?!)  Coal fires in the old kitchen, where you snuggled up to keep warm (& got chilblains!) and made toast with a toasting fork are long gone.  The old brick-built wash tub in the scullery where you boiled the clothes and spent all day doing the washing and hanging it out after scrubbing the dirt out of the clothes (and having cold meat, mashed potatoes & piccalilli (made by Charlie’s mum) for dinner on Mondays, those days are far gone with washing machines and driers.  Also having to go outside to the old brick built lavatory in the cold, although the cellar was filled in – with oil lamps etc! – and the pantry demolished to make an inside toilet, whilst Charlie’s mum was alive and a bath installed in one of the bedrooms.


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