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 Margaret Hackett (nee Pass) on growing up in Whittington in the Inter-War Years



We began by talking about the confusion around their being ‘two Pass families’ in the village; Margaret commented that Cicely Pass [Hennis Pass’s daughter] was a bridesmaid at her mum and dad’s wedding. She added that a picture of the wedding hung over the bed when she was a child. [They married at St Giles Church, Whittington on April 4th 1903] However, she said that she was always told they were separate families.


[Editor's note: Research has proven that they are different branches of the same family whose common ancestor is Benjamin Pass (1781 -1846). Margaret’s Grandfather Edward Pass was in fact Hennis A. Pass’s first cousin.]


WHAT IS YOUR FULL NAME? - Margaret Priscilla Hackett (my maiden name was Pass)

WHEN WERE YOU BORN? - December 5th 1912 at No. 1 The Green, Whittington.

WHO WERE YOUR PARENTS? - Adolphus (Jack) Pass and Priscilla Ketteridge.




















Margaret died suddenly on 18th March 2005, the last 17 years of her life were spent on her own in the house in Winshall, Burton that she rented for 42 years. Auntie Margaret as her family called her, had a very old-fashioned, respectful way with people, she always called her neighbours of over 40 years “Mr and Mrs Haywood”, never using their Christian names. She never minced her words, she was always straight down the line with people. But underneath this sometimes staid surface she was a very warm hearted, loving person, especially with her family. She never forgot a birthday and would always send a card with a handwritten letter inside. Unfortunately, for the last three years of her life she was unable to read or write because her eyesight was so bad. Those last years were undoubtedly not the happiest of her life, she would very often say that she was lonely, a situation that was brought about by not having any children of her own. But she knew that her family were there for her, she would speak twice a day to her sister May on the phone and see her regularly. Her nieces and nephews were all a part of her life. She also used to visit her family in Whittington occasionally, when the weather was nice. We had arranged to bring her over for the day during Easter, which she said she was looking forward to shortly before she died. She was cremated in Burton on 30th March 2005 and her ashes were scattered in the same spot as her husband Arthur’s had been seventeen years earlier.


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